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The State of the American Traveler: 2023 Destinations Edition

Each year Miles Partnership and Destination Analysts host quarterly, special edition webinars of The State of the American Traveler where we share the latest research and critical insights on U.S. leisure travelers. We started the new year off with our Destinations Edition and delved into “what’s hot and what’s not,” we looked at travelers’ bucket lists and what current factors are driving or hindering U.S. travelers’ decisions to visit certain destinations. Tim Wright, Director of Content with Odyssey Studios, stepped in to share the latest trends on creative strategies, content types and media channels to effectively reach your audience through video.

Leisure travelers are speaking up, and they’re excited! 85% of travelers say they will prioritize leisure travel above food and dining, education, home improvement and shopping. Domestic recovery is making a comeback this year, and cities have found their spot in the limelight once again. American travelers expect to take 2.9

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Miles Partnership Announces Selection for Inaugural Apprenticeship Program with Tourism Diversity Matters

SARASOTA, Fla. (March 14, 2023) — Miles Partnership, a leading tourism marketing consultancy, announced that Carla Vaca Pinacho has been selected as the company’s first-ever apprentice.

Miles launched its inaugural Apprenticeship Program in partnership with Tourism Diversity Matters (TDM) with the goal of cultivating greater representation within the tourism industry by supporting diverse college graduates who have a concentration in business studies and a passion for travel and hospitality.

Carla Vaca Pinacho, who was selected for the program as part of a competitive application process, started her paid apprenticeship as a DEI Project Coordinator on March 1, 2023. Vaca Pinacho will receive training in various areas of the company, including diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), finance and operations, while working closely with Miles’ Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer and reporting directly to the Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion. As

Traveling While Black and Fabulous

Guest post by Rochelle Graham-Campbell, owner of Alikay Naturals

Traveling is my husband Demond’s and my favorite thing to do together, especially luxury travel experiences. We love exploring the countries that we visit to better understand the local cultures as well and to appreciate them. 

Being a business owner means that I spend time to prepare for these trips in detail, however, one thing that I could’ve never prepared for was a hair emergency while being 4,600 miles away from home.

One thing I quickly learned when my husband and I started traveling internationally is not all countries or cities have stores available that are easily accessible and have products for black or textured hair. The first time I went to Paris was for a business conference and I was not prepared for a hair emergency. I, of course, wanted to keep my hair low maintenance for vacation, as

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