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11.11.18 to 11.13.18
Richmond, VA
VA-1 Tourism Summit
At the 2018 VA-1 Tourism Summit, attendees will receive meaningful and insightful content on all the change happening in tourism and Virginia. With a variety of topics from increasing investment and marketing funds to creative innovation and the economy, there is something for all attendees at this year's event.
11.12.18 to 11.14.18
Reno, NV
Nevada Governor's Global Tourism Summit
Meet international buyers and media at the Nevada Marketplace and Media Marketplace, and stay on top of the travel trends affecting every business in the tourism industry at this year's event. Network with industry professionals and learn from the top minds in global tourism.
11.13.18 to 11.15.18
Los Angeles, FL
Phocuswright Conference
The biggest names in the travel industry will gather at the Phocuswright Conference to learn, network and solidify deals. Leave with actionable insights to take you and your company into 2019. It is an unbelievable combination of compelling content, top tier attendees and an electrified atmosphere. 
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Senior Digital Analyst

Safari Browser Changes vs. Advertisers: What You Need to Know

Safari users who upgrade to 12.0 version will be happy to learn that the version also includes an update to their Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP). ITP version 1.0 launched summer 2017 with Safari 11.0.

ITP makes it difficult for advertisers to track Safari users’ behavior from website to website. It’s a feature to make users feel more secure. Safari updated to 12.0 in September 2018, strengthening that privacy feature with ITP 2.0.

However, if you’re an advertiser, these changes don’t make you happy at all.

ITP 2.0 makes it even harder for advertisers to collect data about Safari browser users and their surfing habits and interactions with websites after clicking through ads.

Without getting too technical, the changes involve first-party and third-party cookies: Cookies retain data about the user after they click on an ad, go to a website, etc. This information is sent to advertisers to better understand user behavior and conversions, and is used to

Account Executive

Five Tips for Taking Great Travel Photos

You’ve just arrived at your destination, and it’s every bit as magical as you expected. The sights, the sounds, the smells – all of it is perfect, and yet somehow you can’t escape the lingering thought that it’s temporary. In a few days you’ll return to work, and all of this will be a distant memory. Unless…


You’ve captured the moment. Now, when you’re sitting at your desk, you can look back at this photo and relive the experience again as if you were there.

Travel photos are meaningful because they allow us to relive important experiences. They let us escape the present by transporting our minds to our favorite destinations. They also allow others to share our experiences through social media.

So how can we make those photos the best they can be? 

Tip #1: Capture the Magic Hour

Photography is about capturing light, and there’s no better natural light than the soft pink and gold hues of Magic Hour. It’s the time of day just as the sun sets, before the light is lost. The gentle glow of Magic Hour is perfect for landscapes and portraits, especially if you’re in a romantic location.

Marketing Coordinator

2018 Destinations International Annual Convention Recap

Earlier this summer, members from the Miles team attended the 2018 Destinations International Annual Convention in Anaheim, California. The 104th Annual Convention brought together over 1,600 industry members for a jam-packed event full of insightful sessions and opportunities to learn about the latest topics and trends in the industry. Our team had a great time and we’re already looking ahead to the 2019 Annual Convention in St. Louis next summer!

Here is a recap of Miles’ participation at the convention along with some additional resources you might find helpful including access to session recordings and presentation decks:

Global All-Stars Mainstage Session

This year’s Global All-Stars brought together three speakers and three critical trends that are reshaping destinations and travel. Airbnb’s Cassidy Blackwell shared insight into destination storytelling highlighting the elements that drive Airbnb’s most compelling and buzzworthy content. From the latest in Placemaking, DIALOG’s Alan Boniface explained the new emerging trend of how reimagining downtown and public spaces can benefit visitors, businesses and locals

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Research-based decision making is the key to our success
 our white papers
Research-based decision making is the key to our success
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