The Year in Review and the Year Ahead 2023


The 8th annual edition of “The Year in Review and the Year Ahead” dove into the trends and technologies that are reshaping the travel landscape.

This year’s webinar featured Chris Adams and Kathrin Poetter of Miles Partnership, Mitra Sorrells of PhocusWire, and Madeline List, Mike Coletta and Alicia Schmid of Phocuswright, with each sharing research and insights around four compelling trends:

  • Sustainability insights: We examined what consumers believe about sustainability vs. how they act, along with solutions for a greener future. 
  • Social media in travel: See how travel planning is currently trending on social, plus, the top platforms to keep your eye on. 
  • Generative AI in action: How are innovators using AI in travel today? 
  • Transformational tech: Hear about the latest cutting-edge technologies and ways you can start using them. 

Webinar Slide Deck

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Three Ways to Action on Climate Change

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