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More than 500 industry professionals come together to learn from tourism experts and take advantage of the latest information and insights in travel at this annual event.  The conference provides top quality, tourism-focused content and one-of-a-kind networking opportunities.
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Office Coordinator

Top 3 “Must Haves” On Your Outdoor Travel Adventures

Recently I moved to the mountains of Colorado from the plains of Kansas. There were many reasons we moved here, but one of the major factors was the endless outdoor adventures we would have right in our backyard. Now, every Saturday, my boyfriend and I venture out to a new and exciting outdoor excursion. With every new experience, I make mistakes and learn something new for the next weekend adventure. Below are some tips for making the most of your own outdoor experience, so that hopefully you don’t have to struggle through the same mistakes I did. 

#1 “Must Have” in Your Adventure Pack

One of the most important items to pack is water — and plenty of it. It should be the first thing you pack and the last thing you run out of. We take our dogs on some of our hikes, so ensuring that they have plenty of water is also very important. When you think you have enough packed, add at least one more bottle just to be on the safe side. 

I also recommend packing some snacks. We normally take a few peanut butter and jelly sandwiches because they’re easy, cheap, have good protein and don’t need to be kept cold. Alternative

Director of Research and Online Marketing
Destination Marketing

Overtourism Tool Kit

Best practices and resources for managing tourism growth in your destination

Tourism around the world has been growing fast with total visitor spending now in excess of $7 trillion USD and 11% of global GDP. More than $1.3 trillion of this spending is from 1.2 billion international travelers. This growth is being driven by several long-term trends including rapidly expanding middle classes in developing countries, rebounding economies after the Great Financial Crisis and a shift from goods to services in consumer preferences – including those seeking travel experiences.

This growth is creating an increasing range of problems that Skift has coined “Overtourism”.  These problems include crowding and congestion, impact of historic sites, increased waste and environmental degradation. In an increasing number of cities, regions and nations, local residents are expressing their frustration with these impacts and the tourism industry is being forced to respond.

These resources and best practice examples can guide you and your destination's efforts towards avoiding, mitigating and/or managing Overtourism.

1. The DMO’s Role

The challenges of Overtourism emphasizes the important role for any

Think Beyond the Click

Using Personalization to Amplify Media and Email Marketing Campaigns

Marketing teams invest heavily in email deployments and digital media buys. From building creative to choosing targeting parameters and setting up A/B tests for subject lines and ad copy, the bulk of this investment is spent with one goal in mind: drive clicks. With a hyperfocus on CTR as the magic metric of success, investment often—unfortunately—doesn’t support ongoing, personalized brand experiences after an initial touchpoint.

It’s a huge missed opportunity for marketers. Investing in personalized experiences post-click helps build brand love and drive potential customers down the funnel.

Orchestrate a Journey

As marketers, our goal is to orchestrate a journey via brand touchpoints. When someone clicks an ad or a link within an email, it’s only the first step of the journey. We always need to think about the “next best step” to build upon what someone already knows and/or loves about our brand and leverage that to drive some sort of conversion. 

To personalize brand experiences with “bread crumbs” to guide visitors, we must have data that tells us who the customer is, where they are coming from and what

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Research-based decision making is the key to our success
 our white papers
Research-based decision making is the key to our success
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