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Interactive Producer

4 (Potentially Unexpected) Benefits of Virtual Experiences in honor of World Autism Day

I bet you didn’t realize that your virtual experiences also provide valuable planning information for visitors with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Museums, zoos and tourist destinations across the country are releasing virtual experiences for consumers to explore during this time of social distancing. They are great for drumming up excitement about an attraction and can range from a DIY tour utilizing shots from Google Street Maps to full-blown video production content with a host and everything. 

While many of these are slated as temporary, in honor of World Autism Day, we have a few reasons why you should make them permanent. In case you aren’t familiar, ASD is a developmental disorder that affects communication and behavior, as defined by the National Insititute of Mental Health. People with ASD can benefit from routines; I’ve heard parents of children with ASD referred to as master

Content Strategist

Messaging in a Time of Crisis

Highlights from Destination International’s COVID-19 Update Webinar

During a recent webinar with Destinations International, Miles Partnership Senior Vice Presidents Laura Libby and Nate Huff shared key insights for how travel industry businesses can best message to key audiences—while measuring impact and engagement—during these unprecedented times.

Their advice? Take a “messaging” versus a “marketing” approach to create a holistic, fluid strategy with consumers that leans into storytelling and creates value for your partners. Start by creating a plan that focuses on what your organization can be doing now, while setting yourself up for continued evolution. Establish your message points, create plans to share them, set a new baseline and start measuring the progress of your efforts. A phased approach will create space to react to shifting circumstances in real time.

Five key recommendations include:

1. Continue to monitor and analyze—and evolve—your engagements with paid and organic social media efforts, which will help you evaluate the response and interest in the messages you are sharing. Now is the time to double down on ensuring your paid search traffic is directed to the best

Content Strategist

Ways Businesses Can Respond to COVID-19 Using Google’s Tools

With the breakneck pace of news, the evolving patchwork of pandemic responses across communities and states, dire economic predictions, panic shopping, and concern for the health of one’s family and self, it’s no mystery why the prevailing national sentiment is a mix of confusion and concern. As a result, people are trying to find answers to a variety of questions online — about travel, safety, and especially local businesses — but that effort is only as good as the information they find. 
Amidst the massive disruption to daily life, one of the best things businesses can do is ensure they are communicating clearly with both regular customers and the general public. Keep reading to find out more about ways businesses can keep the community up to date with the latest information online.

During the last several weeks many businesses have gone out of their way to increase communication with their owned audiences

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Research-based decision making is the key to our success
 our white papers
Research-based decision making is the key to our success
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