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Creative Strategies for Marketing Road Trips

As mandatory travel restrictions have eased in some parts of the country, Americans are looking for safe ways to get out and explore. Naturally, a good old-fashioned road trip comes to mind. In fact, Longwoods recently found that among Americans who are planning to travel, the majority (61%) will travel by car.

Many destinations are eager tap into this trend, so travelers are currently being flooded with road trip marketing. How do you cut through all the noise and set your destination apart? Read on for ideas on how to delve deeper into the “why” behind road trips and get creative in your targeting and storytelling strategies.

Last-Minute Plans

Data across several booking engines suggests that the majority of travelers are currently booking trips very close to when they plan to depart: certainly within the same month and often within the same week or day. At the moment, this makes complete sense. It’s difficult to predict how the pandemic will continue

Optimizing for YouTube: 9 Best Practices for Getting Eyes on Your Video Content

Did you know YouTube is the second most-visited site in the world? It attracts about 44% of all internet users, making video content absolutely vital to every DMO’s content strategy. And since the onset of COVID-19, it’s become even more important: rose 15.3% in March alone, climbing toward 200M visits per day. So, we all understand that we need great video content, but here’s the more important question: How do you get potential visitors to view the great video content you’ve spent time and money producing?

The answer starts with search engine optimization. If you’re not optimizing your YouTube videos for organic search, you’re missing out on an opportunity to get your content in front of millions of potential viewers. As a subsidiary of Google, YouTube video content is prioritized on the SERP (search engine

Head of Research and Insights

Global Best Practices in Domestic Tourism

Insights from a major international study across 8 nations

With the impact of COVID-19 closing borders, international tourism is largely on hold in many destinations. This has reinforced the importance of domestic tourism in many parts of the world, especially those where international inbound tourism was the primary focus of tourism marketing efforts. From Ireland to New Zealand, Finland to Australia, Thailand to South Africa, national and regional tourism offices are pivoting to focus on domestic travel. Around the world and across North America, domestic tourism is central to the recovery of the tourism industry following a broad recovery from COVID-19.

In 2019, Miles Partnership had a unique opportunity to look at global best practices in domestic tourism as part of a major international benchmarking study we undertook for the New

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