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Former CE of Bay of Plenty Tourism, Kristin Dunne, Joins Miles Partnership

Tourism in New Zealand and around the world is undergoing a major reset due to COVID-19 and is committed to “building back better.” Today Miles Partnership in New Zealand announces a strategic hire to help support this historic paradigm shift. As of Wednesday (28 July), the former Chief Executive of Bay of Plenty Tourism, Kristin Dunne, joins Miles Partnership in New Zealand in the role of Director of Destination Strategy, bringing a wealth of internationally recognised expertise in destination management.

“Sustainability and destination management will underpin the role of New Zealand’s regional tourism offices and economic development agencies in the future,” says Chris Adams, Global Head of Research and Insights at Miles Partnership. “This is why we are so excited to have Kristin bringing her extensive knowledge in these areas to our team. It’s great to see this global shift in tourism — and the New Zealand Government has recognised the importance of it with a future-focused destination management approach through its Tourism Communities: Support, Recovery and Re-set Plan.”

As Chief Executive of Tourism Bay of Plenty, Dunne

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6 Keys To Automating Your Agency

This content was first published here on MediaPost on July 12, 2021.

Marketers want more from their agencies, but want to pay less. Agency business models haven’t adapted to this demand.

Agencies that want to thrive must turn to automation to be more profitable, and also to operationalize highly complex processes that stretch the capacities of employees (think: analyzing 20+ campaign parameters in real time). In turn, agency professionals focused on highly manual tasks will be able to spend time on more strategic work and client management.

Here are six keys to driving value from automation for your agency:

Define goals. Automation encompasses a wide range of solutions that reduce human intervention in processes. Identify the processes that need this most. For example, your media professionals may be logging in and out of 10 to 20 platforms a day just to do their jobs. Imagine how much you could reduce content-switching exhaustion if these tasks were consolidated and streamlined.

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TravelAbility Forms Alliance with Miles Partnership on Accessibility Initiatives

SAUSALITO, CA (July 9, 2021) — Miles Partnership is proud to be partnering with TravelAbility on a variety of accessibility initiatives, including providing joint webinars, educational workshops, digital best practices and research.
Key to this partnership is the “Herd Accessibility” initiative, where the goal is to aggregate destination landing pages containing links to accessible attractions, museums and hotels on so that travelers with disabilities — as well as locals — will have the information they need on one website.
Content for these destination landing pages will be informed by custom research conducted as part of The State of the American Traveler report. This new research will be released in September 2021 by Miles Partnership and their long-time research partner, Destination Analysts.
“We’re honored to be collaborating with Miles on one of the most important projects that has come out of the first TravelAbility Summit in 2019: Filling the void of information about what is

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