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Moving Picture Magic - 2020 Edition - Part 2

Video Analysis of Top Performing Online Videos from DMOs

This is the second blog in the series, "Moving Picture Magic - 2020 Edition," showcasing top performing online videos from DMOs around the world.

In late 2019 and early 2020, Miles Partnership reviewed the online video libraries (primarily on YouTube) of over 180 destination marketing organizations (DMOs) around the world. We have identified a top ten list as well as a wider gallery for more ideas and inspiration.  

In the first blog of this series, we provided additional detail on this analysis and identified the first five of the top 10. Here are the remaining five videos, with commentary on their powerful storytelling and what we feel makes them unique.

While this analysis was completed just before the impact of the coronavirus, we also reviewed inspiring and timely COVID-19 related videos, summarized in our

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Insights from Signe Jungersted on Reimagining the Future of Travel

During the live Global All-Stars session as part of Destinations International's virtual Annual Convention on July 14, 2020, we received a great response and a huge number of questions. We didn’t have time to get to all of them so we summarized a wide range into a few key themes and asked one of our mainstage speakers, Signe Jungersted, to share her insights. Signe's full presentation and additional resources are available on our Global All-Stars site here.


Question: In addition to what you highlighted, do any other parts of our industry stand out as ripe for reinvention?

Signe: High on the list is the cruise industry, ripe for massive reinvention. During the crisis, the industry has received immense negative attention, but also before the crisis there was growing criticism and negative sentiment. Several destinations have introduced taxes targeting the cruise visitors (I mentioned Amsterdam in my presentation -

Head of Research and Insights

A Critical Opportunity for Tourism & DMOs to Lead in the Recovery

Clear, consistent and mandatory COVID-19 policies for visitors and locals not only save lives; they are essential for tourism’s recovery

Read more: For a wider overview of reopening and recovery best practices, see my blog “Eight Essentials in Tourism’s Restart & Recovery”

The COVID-19 crisis impacting travel and tourism is first and foremost a health crisis. The recovery of our tourism industry is entirely dependent on first tackling the crisis with good health policy. This includes universal mandates on wearing masks in public places in the U.S. and many other countries where community transmission is an issue. Failing to do so not only risks the health of locals and visitors, it also negatively impacts the speed at which the recovery of tourism and hospitality can occur.

Through DMOs and industry associations, the tourism industry has the opportunity create awareness and influence policy by emphasizing the importance of

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