Harnessing the Power of AI: What it Means for Tourism & Hospitality


In its early stages, artificial intelligence (AI) was characterized by simple rules and patterns. Fast forward to today, AI has propelled society towards unprecedented capabilities, performing tasks once thought impossible. 

The speed at which AI has evolved, while layered with opportunity, has created a disconnect between the physical and digital worlds. With all of this information, knowing how to prioritize and utilize everything at our fingertips is key. 

In our webinar, "Harnessing the Power of AI: What it Means for Tourism & Hospitality," Miles Partnership, PhocusWire and Phocuswright presented on some of the latest and most compelling applications of AI in the travel and tourism industry. We covered topics such as recent advancements in AI, travelers' receptiveness to AI in trip planning, legal and ethical challenges, and future trends to watch.

Kara Franker, CEO of Visit Estes Park, Marina Petrova, CEO of Intentful, and Smith Codio, Solutions Leader & Director of Customer Experience at Microsoft, joined for an engaging panel discussion to share insights on their experiences with AI.

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Navigating AI and the Law in the Travel Industry

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