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Travelers with disabilities make up about one-fifth of all U.S. travelers and take, on average, 3.3 trips per year. Almost half (47.2%) of these travelers have mobility and physical challenges. One of their biggest obstacles around travel includes social acceptance (46.4%).

This presents a major opportunity to foster inclusivity and accessibility in your community while also growing visitation. In this webinar, Future Partners presented original research focusing on the needs of and opportunities for this often-overlooked segment of the U.S. traveler market. 

John Sage of Sage Inclusion discussed the “trust gap” along with the top three priorities any destination must consider in order to build trust and engagement within the community of travelers with disabilities. August Erickson, Accessibility Program Manager at Miles Partnership, shared an up-to-date analysis and practical tips for making your website and online content more accessible. 

Please see our webinar resources to learn more about this growing traveler segment and how you can make your destination more accessible to serve both travelers and residents with disabilities in your community. 

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