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01.24.17 to 01.26.17
Olympia, WA
Washington Tourism Summit
Please join Mike Moe, Hannah Hintz and Rich Garcia from Miles Partnership as we hear from association travel exectives and policymakers on the the issues that will be effecting Washington Tourism in 2017.
01.29.17 to 01.31.17
Cheyenne, WY
That's WY Governor's Hospitality and Tourism Conference
More than 400 industry representatives gather at this annual “must attend” event dedicated to celebrating and educating Wyoming’s second largest industry.
02.20.17 to 02.23.17
Reno-Tahoe, NV
Go West Summit
Established international tour operators meet with specialty tourism suppliers from the Western United States and Canada to learn more about the destinations, attractions and experiences to be had in the great American West.
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Content Manager

7 Secrets from Screenwriting for Creating Great Travel Content

Our culture has an insatiable appetite for storytelling. With more streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Seeso emerging with original programming, hundreds of channels featured on cable TV, and serials now offered via podcast, people are more plugged into storytelling than ever before. 

If you want users to take a break from binge watching and engage with your content, you need to feed their hunger for narratives. Here are seven tips from screenwriting to help better tell a story with your destination marketing:

#1: You Have Less Than 8 Seconds to Grab Your Audience’s Attention

In movies, the opening image sets the mood and lets the audience know they’re entering an exciting new world. Similarly, a carefully chosen banner image, a cleverly crafted headline or personalized content can make or break a user’s experience. Grab your audience on the home page and set up the story of your destination quickly to entice your user. You don’t want to lose anyone to one of the other dozens of options listed in the search results.

#2: The Power of Dialogue

If there is one earmark of all good

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Account Director/Senior Content Director
Content, Trends

4 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2017

The good folks at Content Marketing Institute recently shared their top trends to watch for the coming year, but it’s interesting that their “crystal ball” predictions aren’t really new revelations at all. However, research does paint a clear picture that these four trends will likely keep setting the travel marketing world on fire in the coming months. Here’s a quick snapshot …

TREND #1: Buying Influencers

Old thinking was, when you wanted to build your audience you launched targeted advertising and marketing promotions to reach that group. Now, you can just acquire the audience. In addition to organically growing leads or acquiring an existing database of consumers that you still have to court, more destinations are turning their attentions to working with powerful social influencers. And, in the process, automatically gaining the already loyal audience that comes with them.

Tip #1: Know a popular restaurant critic whose followers take his or her recommendations to the bank? Get that person to come explore (and talk about) the great dining scene in your town – and their fans will follow.

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Director of Research and Online Marketing

Our Top Blogs and Insights from 2016

The Miles team shared many insights, takeaways, case studies and research summaries during 2016. The topics covered everything from LGBT tourism trends to Google’s changing role in destination content. Below are our top 10 blog posts based on readership from 2016 — catch up on the ideas and insights you may have missed this year!

1. LGBT Tourism: Travel Trends and Lessons in an Emerging Market

Mark Sanders, May 2016

2. Destination Websites that Drive Travel (overview of the 13 CVB website conversion study sponsored by Miles)

Chris Adams, May 2016

3. When Tragedy Struck, WV Tourism Office Put Residents First

Steven Keith, July 2016 

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Research-based decision making is the key to our success
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