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05.30.18 to 06.01.18
San Diego, CA
California Travel Summit
The 36th annual California Travel Summit brings the entire travel and tourism industry together for 3 days of authoritative speakers and panels on the hottest issues of the day, unparalleled networking opportunities, hands-on speakers and workshops, and wonderful social events.
06.05.18 to 06.06.18
New York, NY
City Nation Place
Topic: Managing Your Place Brand Story Across Multiple Platforms
Speaker: Chris Adams
Today's media landscape has never been more complex or challenging for destinations managing their brand, message and story. Today it offers great opportunity to reach new customers and travelers in innovative ways. Join Chris Adams, in this engaging session on Wednesday, June 6, 4:04-4:45pm.
06.10.18 to 06.13.18
Naples, FL
Florida Attractions 2018 Annual Conference
The Florida Attractions Annual Conference offers three days of world-class speakers, engaging breakouts and roundtables, and opportunities to connect with peers in a unique environment that can only be found in our industry. This event is perfect for all attraction industry professionals as well as industry suppliers from across the country.
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Director of Research and Online Marketing

Posts on Google for DMOs

7 Best Practices for Destination Marketing Organizations to Use with Posts on Google

Google has just expanded Posts on Google for destinations (cities, regions, states and countries) to post events, news and updates for free on their destinations. Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) can apply for an official account to post as the lead agency on behalf of their city or destination. On May 23rd, we held an introductory webinar with Aditya Mahesh, Product Manager for Posts on Google and Patrick Rodgers, Content Director at Miles.  They introduced DMOs to the new platform and shared examples of how dozens of cities from the around the world are now using Posts on Google.  

Posts on Google appear in the Knowledge Panel if you search for a destination in Google. It is completely free to apply for an account and use.  For example: 

Video & Print Production Manager
Online Video

How to Shoot Video with a Smart Phone

Back when I started in video production in two-thousand…well, let’s just say it’s more years than I’d care to mention here, video was starting an epic journey.  Once the domain of strictly professionals (or very serious amateurs), technological advances were starting to make what was only available to some, available to the masses.  I would be even so bold as to say that not since the dawn of the camcorder in the 80s had consumer video production experienced such a tidal shift.

Around the same time that YouTube became a thing, cell phones started coming out with video recording capabilities.  They were very crude by today’s standards, the very first camera phone boasted a .35 megapixel camera while today’s iPhone X?  12 megapixels.  Just last year, I was on location where a videographer was using his waterproof iPhone to shoot underwater. Why?  The waterproof case for his DSLR was financially out of reach and the iPhone shoots at the same resolution anyhow. 

There’s absolutely no question in my mind that the extraordinary success of internet video has been carried on the wings of the

Director of Research and Online Marketing

Placemaking Moves to the Center

Making Special Places to Live, Work, Study and Visit

Over the last decade, communities of all types have focused on the goal of nurturing, developing or making more “livable” communities. This is described as “placemaking,” a broad set of best practices, disciplines and design principles that have emerged in urban, community and destination planning and management.  Placemaking seeks to build communities that are thriving, sustainable, successful and enjoyable places to live, work, start a business, study and visit.  

The growth of placemaking has been fueled by clear evidence that there are powerful synergies in these outcomes. Cities such as Austin, Seattle, Portland, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Vienna, Singapore, Melbourne and Auckland not only rank near the top in various global “livability” indexes (i.e.: Mercer, The Economist, US News and World Report) but are also successful in attracting new businesses, new residents as

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Research-based decision making is the key to our success
 our white papers
Research-based decision making is the key to our success
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