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Content Manager
Travel, Trends

LGBT Tourism: Travel Trends and Lessons in an Emerging Market

With ongoing changes in the nation’s political and social climate, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender tourism is emerging as a hot topic in travel marketing circles. Overall, the LGBT community travels frequently, possessing a higher number of passports than their non-LGBT counterparts. Hotels, Convention & Visitors Bureaus and Destination Marketing Organizations have taken notice, and in the last few years have geared marketing campaigns towards gay travelers.

In 2015, Community Marketing & Insights conducted LGBT travel research surveys, and their results offered suggestions as to where this valuable sector is heading.

Big cities still matter, but smaller markets are emerging.

The biggest U.S. destinations for gay travelers are (drumroll please…) New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Washington, DC, Miami and New Orleans also made respectable showings, as did Orlando and Chicago. Hawaii was by far the top honeymoon destination for gay couples. 

While those vacation spots are no big surprises, having long ranked highly among non-LGBT travelers as well, those

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Graphic Designer
Apps, Travel

My Top Picks: 20 Free Apps for Traveling Anywhere

If you’re one of the many Americans who travel in the summer months, you’re probably getting ready to pack a bag and head out of town for a few days. Based on The State of the American Traveler tourism research, travelers are more and more heavily using their mobile devices throughout the travel process. That means that we not only use our devices to start planning a trip, but also use them as we travel. Applications (or Apps) on our devices exist for every kind of need, from predicting traffic conditions to sharing selfies, and are popping up everywhere, allowing us to be ever more connected to the people and places around us. 

In tourism-related apps, today you can even buy an international flight and set up an entire itinerary with the use of an app. Imagine what our grandmothers would think if they heard that! Can I go so far as to say that travel apps have become essential to people’s lives?

To find my favorite travel apps, I started with a list of the most useful things one needs while traveling. Then I tested a large group of apps, and found the best fit for traveler needs. I’ve gathered some that will help you plan

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Director of Research and Online Marketing

Destination Websites That Drive Travel

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) in 2016 are reaching more potential travelers than ever before. With the power of new media complementing the continued reach of print guides and traditional media, almost all destinations are delivering more content to more consumers than ever before.

At the center of this expanded audience is a destination’s website. Across Miles’ 80+ DMO clients, average website traffic in 2015 topped 1 million unique users for the year (“Users” in Google Analytics FY 2015), highlighting the reach of a destination’s website as its central marketing platform. 

But are these millions of users actually influenced by the website? Specifically, does the website’s content and features help them to decide to travel to the destination? If so, what is their length of stay and visitor spend? In short, what is the ROI of a destination website and how does it drive actual visitation, new spending and tax revenue? 

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