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Account Director/Senior Content Director

4 Content Hacks from a Former News Journalist

As a former news reporter who once worked in a high-stress, fast-paced, you-better-not-get-scooped environment, I sometimes laugh (just a little) at the deadlines I face as a travel content director these days. “We need a story on the best five best craft breweries in the state,” a client might say, “and we need it within the next month!”

Are you kidding me with this? I used to research, report and write multiple stories every day – sometimes in as little as 15 minutes, just to make sure we made the next press run and “got the story” before anyone else.

And while the constant buzz of that newsroom seems worlds away now, some of the basic lessons journalism taught me still very much apply in the world of travel marketing. So when your own content needs seem overwhelming, remember these four key takeaways from the world of “old school” journalism that still resonate today.

1. Hustle to Get the Story

You may not fear competition in your own area to tell your stories because, well, they’re yours. (Why would some other destination want to talk about great things to do in your town?) But don’t forget, they are also

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Video & Print Production Manager
Content, Online Video

Video Pre-Production: It’s All in the Details

Recently, during a rogue “cold snap” here on the Gulf Coast, we were talking about our favorite cold weather indulgences. Among some common fan favorites (hot chocolate! cozy sweaters!), one of us mentioned a recent adventure making Beouf Bourguignon; a rich French stew and proverbial marathon of cooking with umpteen ingredients and preparation styles that would consume the better part of a Sunday afternoon. It occurred to us, while neatly slicing the mushrooms, that video pre-production is a heck of a lot like cooking. Stay with us here.

Much in the same way that the details of preparing the meal are essential to the end product, preparing for a shoot operates much in the same fashion. The finesse taken to extract the desired flavors out of your ingredients is the same attention to detail that’s required in planning: burning the pearl onions will ruin your stew, just like forgetting to obtain a permit may ruin your shoot! Ok, enough cooking metaphors, here’s the video team’s recipe for perfectly planning a video shoot.

Planning Your Meal – Never Overlook the Importance of Time

Julia Child once famously said in

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Account Executive

Big Island Inspiration

Kilauea volcano has been the main attraction on Hawaii Island (a.k.a. the Big Island) for the past 33 years, and has always fascinated me. Of course, it has been around for a couple hundred thousand years, but it didn’t really start getting media attention until the early 1980s.

I’ve visited it several times, but until last week I had never witnessed the lava actually pouring into the Pacific. We had been above it in a chopper on a no-flow day. We had hiked to the bottom of it on a trail that could be called the mouth of the Earth . . . two incredible vantage points for sure, but nothing like the show we saw on our recent visit.

To get to the point where Kilauea is adding acreage to planet Earth, you need to walk or bike four miles atop a crushed gravel road from the historic fishing village of Kalapana. Sadly, this is the town mostly destroyed by Pele’s wrath over the past three decades. All those images you may have seen

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Research-based decision making is the key to our success
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