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04.23.17 to 04.25.17
Denver, CO
DMAI's CMO Summit is a great opportunity to join fellow marketing leaders and colleagues to discuss the evolving role of marketing and how your organization needs to adapt in an ever-changing landscape. It will focus on changing consumer behavior, the impacts of new technologies, and what it means for creating and measuring ROI for your campaigns. 
04.24.17 to 04.25.17
San Francisco,
EyeforTravel Digital Summit
Topic: The Shifting Landscape of Digital Advertising
Speaker: Scott Bacon, VP
VP of Business Development Scott Bacon shares insights on how to utilize personalization and optimization strategies to increase direct traffic, customer acquisition and brand awareness while boosting your profits.
04.24.17 to 04.26.17
Bretton Woods, NH
Discover New England Summit
The Discover New England Annual Tourism Summit and International Marketplace is the only New England travel trade event where New England hospitality businesses are able to meet directly with international tour operators and receptive operators who arrange trips for tens of thousands of international travelers annually.
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New 100% UGC State Travel Guide First Of Its Kind

When the professionals at Miles brainstorm new product concepts for our destination partners, we consider several factors before landing on the recommendations we ultimately present. The most up-to-date travel research, the latest marketing trends, our own forward-thinking ideas and – most importantly – our client’s overall goals all play a critical role in this process. 

And when all of those planets align, the results are pretty stellar. That’s exactly what happened when Miles recently published a groundbreaking new state travel guide for Wild, Wonderful West Virginia.

The West Virginia Division of Tourism had recently launched a new branding campaign focusing on “Real” experiences and people. Their goal for the Official State Travel Guide was to have a print fulfillment piece that also helped support this “Real” theme. We jumped into action by first diving into findings of the most recent “State of the American Traveler” research conducted by Destination Analysts. During that

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Director of Marketing

Three Steps to Building an Effective Onsite Personalization Strategy

According to Nielson, “74% of customers are frustrated that web content doesn’t map to their interest.” With this in mind, what is your organization doing now to create more meaningful experiences for your visitors online?

Destinations across the globe are in various stages of maturity when it comes to personalization, but regardless of whether you are a first adopter or are just coming onboard with personalization, there are some important foundational steps you’ll want to include in your strategic plan. 

Step 1: Conduct Research and Identify Visitor Segments

Identifying visitor segments and understanding what those visitors are looking for in their online experience will help you map the customer journey and identify the types of content you’ll need to drive better engagement and higher conversions. From our experience, we suggest you start simple and expand your segments over time; deeper segmentation will be possible once you accumulate more data on your visitors. 

This is also the right time to set short- and long-term goals for your new personalized content. Define the outcomes you expect and

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Director of Research and Online Marketing
Marketing, Social Media

Case Study: A Partnership Approach to Influencers & Social Media with GoPro

Part 3 of a 3 Part Video Series 

Watch Part 3 of the video series featuring Jesse Desjardins, Global Manager of Content & Social for Tourism Australia

Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the series, in which Jesse introduces Tourism Australia’s evolution from an iconic spokesperson campaign, and shares the four lessons of social media-led marketing.

We finish our video series with a quick summary of the influencer-led campaign that Tourism Australia undertook with GoPro. 

In 2016, Tourism Australia worked with GoPro to bring 74 of their top athletes to Australia. These were influencers with strong social media connections in their respective interest areas from skydiving, surfing, wakeboarding to diving. This initiative was a large-scale example of a very popular form of social media-led marketing for tourism organizations – leveraging influencers to create, curate and

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Research-based decision making is the key to our success
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Research-based decision making is the key to our success
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