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Account Executive

Shake, Shuffle and Roll

I always wanted to take a road trip based purely on chance, so for 48 hours I let a deck of cards and a pair of dice dictate my route.

My rules were simple: draw a card, then roll the dice. Spades meant head north, clubs south, hearts west, diamonds east. The dice would determine the number of miles until the next draw. So a jack of hearts followed by a toss with a five and a two meant go west either 25 or 52 miles – my choice. I added four jokers to the deck to serve as wild cards good to go any direction I wanted.

My starting point was a recent Saturday morning Green Bay, Wisconsin, and my only restriction was that I had to be in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the following Monday afternoon. The rest I left to chance. 

I brought a pillow in case I ended up without a hotel room, and a passport if the route led into Canada. I hoped to travel to the blank

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Content Manager, Hospitality
case study, Hospitality

Micro-Brand Campaign Success at THE MODERN HONOLULU

As a content producer for Miles Hospitality, my responsibility is to balance the creative vision of the client’s marketing team with the sales goals of the client’s financial team. So when THE MODERN HONOLULU challenged our team to create an “edgy and provocative” Fourth of July campaign, we designed and deployed across multiple platforms to create synergy for the numerous events and special offers the property wanted to promote.

Adding a twist to the challenge, the Fourth of July fell on a Saturday the prior year versus a Monday this year. We knew that this change in the day of the week of the actual holiday could impact revenue. For example, although there was a three-day weekend both years, many of the key holiday festivities around Oahu, such as the Waikiki fireworks display, occurred on a Monday night this year as opposed to Saturday night last year.

Fortunately, room bookings were already high for the long Fourth of July weekend, so the goal of the campaign was to encourage hotel guests to enjoy the holiday festivities on property as well as attract locals to enjoy the special offers offered at the hotel (as well as the

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Director of SEO & Insights

Is Google’s Expanding Role in Travel Undermining Organic Traffic Growth for Destinations?

Strong year-over-year (YOY) organic search traffic growth is expected in an industry as content rich as destination marketing. However, with growing frequency we’ve heard destinations voice concerns that organic traffic to their sites has been flat, or even down, in recent months. 

Of course, we’ve seen the typical lineup of culprits for such trends such as site update issues, mobile friendliness and aggressive paid search budgets; but just as often we’ve seen no noticeable change in rank or search volume to account for traffic flux.

In SEO, typically there are a number of small factors that add up to a big search traffic difference, rather than a single, clear issue. Such is likely the case behind this downward trend in organic traffic growth. While there were a number of major algorithm updates in 2015, we’ve been keeping an even closer eye on Google’s changes in search result formats in both travel planning and travel booking. Just Google “MarketName destinations” or “places to visit in MarketName” on your phone and you can see the extent to which the search

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Research-based decision making is the key to our success
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