The State of the American Traveler: Technology Edition 2023


The 2023 Technology Edition of The State of the American Traveler explored current traveler sentiment and some of the most critical questions and trends facing travel today, including ChatGPT, generative AI and all of the buzz around vertical and short-form video.

How can destinations and hospitality businesses keep up with and streamline all of the information for travelers? Who will keep a pulse on U.S. leisure travelers’ thoughts and behaviors in this rapidly evolving media landscape? Guest Speaker, Danelle Amos, Media Director at Miles, joined to share an insider's perspective on paid media trends specific to travel. Danelle touched on the hype around QR codes, upcoming trends around streaming TV services and the transition into the cookieless world.  

Check out our webinar resources for a thoughtful, behind-the-scenes look at the analysis, considerations and expectations of today's U.S. leisure travelers. 


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