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Our talented group of marketers, artists, writers, programmers and analysts understand the complexities our clients face.
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Tania Leichliter
Senior Vice President
Monica Hare
Senior Digital Analyst
Erin Marvin
Content Strategist
Angie Zok
Global Marketing Executive
Elijah Zimmerman
Travel Media Sales & Marketing Executive
Jordan Spallas
Project Manager
Jackie Harder
Account Executive
Theresa Overby
Dir of Social Media Strategy
Laurel Bookhardt
Project, Advertising & Data Manager
Demetria Clemons
Global Marketing Executive
Caitlin Row
Content Manager
Christine Johnson
Associate Media Director
Chris Fjelde
Graphic Designer
Rachael Root
Account Director
Julianna Nova
Project Manager
Kelly Ruhland
Art Director
Lauren Johnson
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Tania Leichliter
Senior Vice President
Emily Mistrzak
Content Manager
George Mora
Social Video Cinematographer
Mitch Knothe
Global Mktg Representative
Mattie Hannigan
Project Manager
Brittany Knox
Advertising & Data Manager
Phoebe Ray
Project Manager
Natalie Kelly
Project Manager
Diana DeJonge
Advertising & Data Manager
Chrysa Harmsen
Account Coordinator
Dana Behnfield
Media Planner
Demetria Clemons
Global Marketing Executive
Alyssa Patton
Senior Project Manager
Nadja Koch
Program Director
Naubil Oropeza
Content Manager

    “For as long as I can remember, I have been visiting Destin, Florida with my family. Best beaches I’ve ever experienced, and the best seafood I’ve ever had!”

    Jaime Kreikemeier, Advertising Campaign Manager


    “Downtown Paso Robles, CA is an amazing mix of boutiques, artist community and a wonderful small-town square. Great art. Great food. Great 4th of July celebration. I loved it all! The Hotel Cheval has the best lamb burger I have ever had.”

    Kelly Reading, Circulation Coordinator

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