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Lauryn Peterson
Project Manager
Roger Miles
April Duangjumpa
Web Developer
Neal Alfano
Creative Director
Kevin Wilson
Digital Media Manager
Amanda Steward
ePublishing Project Manager
Irish Carroll
Travel Media Sales & Mktg Exec
David Esler
Travel Media Sales & Mktg Exec
Nadja Koch
Program Director
Brittany Knox
Advertising & Data Manager
Amy Overbay
Client Services Manager
Kim Hanrahan
Creative Director
Elena Prostova
Vice President
Gray Lawry
VP, Strategy & Insights
Nancy Wiles
Senior Project Manager
Danelle Amos
Media Planner
Lauren Johnson
Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Tania Leichliter
Senior Vice President
Ashley Hughes
Content & Project Manager
Felipe Jimenez
Graphic Designer
Lucia Giles
Content Director
Jamie Fielder
Interactive Producer
Adam Persinos Storm
Technical Operations Coordinator
O'Brien McCarty
Travel Media Sales & Mktg Exec
Hayden Pigott
Account Coordinator
Leisa Cashman Trujillo
Project Manager
Aaron Campbell
Digital Marketing Associate
Kevin Wilson
Digital Media Manager
Alex Bacigalupi
Photography & Asset Manager
Naubil Oropeza
Content Manager
Shelly Benson
Content Director
Erin Kiniry
Account Coordinator

    "I traveled up to British Columbia in February, just in time for their largest snowstorm in 30 years. Here I am snowboarding through the most epically deep powder, and trying to 'stand up'."

     Brittany Guimond, Interactive Producer


    "Arrived in Guam after 32 hours of travel, first stop? Sea Walking. Walking the ocean floor, surrounded by a rainbow of fish and pure joy. Was it just lack of sleep or a dream come to life?"

    Emilie DeLong, Print & Video Production Manager

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