Felipe Jimenez

Art Director

Felipe Jimenez in Estes Park, CO
Felipe Jimenez sitting on sand dunes
Felipe Jimenez in Cancun, Mexico
Felipe Jimenez in Golden, CO
Felipe Jimenez in front of a waterfall in Oregon

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"I strive to surround myself with people that make me a better individual, and that's exactly how I feel with the teams I have interacted with and when I meet someone new. "

Meet Felipe, a dynamic art director whose passions span horizons (literally). He crafts visual stories both professionally as a digital artist and through his photography side hustle. An explorer by nature, find him hiking Red Rocks and paddleboarding Bear Creek Lake on the weekends. Evenings? They're for unwinding with videogames, homemade food and a Gatorade.

Favorite Travel Memory

My favorite travel memory has to be backpacking through Europe for a couple of months. This was my biggest solo trip, where I got to go through Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria and Italy. I met so many people and ate so much good food, but most importantly learned how big the world can be outside of the U.S.

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