Ileana Frascone

Senior Account Director

Ileana Frascone
Ileana Frascone in Tampa, FL
Ileana Frascone in Rome

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"Our greatest strength as a company is our commitment to doing what's right — for our clients through our commitment to customer service or for the industry at large through our sustainability and advocacy work."

Ileana manages a diverse client set that includes the U.S. Virgin Islands, Chicago and Myrtle Beach. She manages a team that makes her look good through their tireless management of brand, media, digital and website accounts. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling (big surprise!), reading, writing and spending lots of time with her family.

Favorite Travel Memory

Pushing my two-year-old son's stroller through Venice, Italy. (2 out of 5 recommend. Muscles required!)

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