Jamie Fiedler

Digital Producer

Jamie Fiedler on a wooded trail in Venice, FL
Jamie Fiedler in Madrid, Spain
Jamie Fiedler sips coffee in Copenhagen
Jamie Fiedler at a cafe in Munich, Germany
Jamie Fiedler in Madrid, Spain

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"I would describe the people at Miles as spirited, tenacious and talented."

Jamie is a results-driven, Chicago-born metalhead turned Florida transplant. She guides complex digital projects with a fusion of creativity, technical prowess and strategic insight. Outside launching disruptive products, she finds solace in novel rereads and considers documentaries, happy hours and crocheting her essential self-care routine.

Favorite Travel Memory

Getting booted off a Southwest flight for a "hilarious" middle-seat-saving plan. Bachelorette bash turned into a middle-seat fiasco, all thanks to my loud friend faking a cold. I even thought we were getting an upgrade. Lesson learned: no upgrades on Southwest!

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