Laura Libby

President, Destination Marketing

Laura Libby
Laura Libby at Coors Field in Denver
Laura Libby in Denver
Laura Libby laughs while holding her carryon luggage in an airport

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"My favorite thing about working at Miles is the entrepreneurial spirit that is woven into every role and product within the company. Curiosity pushes us to try new ideas and approaches."

Laura's focus is on developing growth plans for clients and our teams. She is based in Denver and you can often find her cheering on the Denver Nuggets, reading another mystery novel or enjoying mac and cheese.

Favorite Travel Memory

I was chaperoning high-school musicians on a European music tour. Our first night in Switzerland, I stopped by one of the girls’ rooms. My knock on the door was met enthusiastically by a girl declaring their room had a “washing machine” in it and insisted I come see it. I discovered they were “washing” their clothes in the bidet! What could I say? I suggested they keep it a secret or else they would have to do everyone’s laundry on the trip.

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