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Few, if any, other industries are as exposed to climate change’s impacts or can contribute in such meaningful ways to address it than the tourism industry. And perhaps no other industry has as much to gain from addressing climate change and the connected crisis of the loss and deterioration of the Earth’s natural areas and biodiversity. It has become both a business and social imperative. 

Action on climate change is not only critical for ensuring tourism will be sustainable in the future, but it is necessary for demonstrating to both residents and visitors that tourism is moving from being part of the problem to helping make the world a better, more equitable and sustainable place. 

To provide resources for action, Miles developed "A Guide to Action on Climate Change," which highlights practical actions for destinations and the tourism industry to use address climate change, and at the same time, make themselves more sustainable, livable and welcoming to visitors.

A Guide to Action on Climate Change

Cover of A guide to Action on Climate Change

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