The State of the American Traveler: Sustainable Travel and Destination Management Edition 2022


The Sustainable Travel & Destination Management Edition of The State of the American Traveler shares the latest research and global best practices on sustainability, responsible travel and destination management issues, challenges and opportunities. 

Destination Analysts’ custom research explores how U.S. travelers see the impact of tourism on destinations and their local communities as well as how the travel experience could be made more sustainable. 

In a special guest segment, Matt Berna, President of North America with Intrepid Travel, joined the webinar to highlight the size, growth and importance of sustainable travel and what responsible travelers and tour companies are looking for in destinations, tourism businesses and experiences. 

To support COP-27, the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference taking place in November 2022, we also launched an updated edition of our white paper series on climate change action. “27 for COP27” summarizes 27 practical areas in which destinations and the tourism industry can lead, facilitate or encourage climate change action in their communities. 

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