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2018 Destinations International Annual Convention Recap

Earlier this summer, members from the Miles team attended the 2018 Destinations International Annual Convention in Anaheim, California. The 104th Annual Convention brought together over 1,600 industry members for a jam-packed event full of insightful sessions and opportunities to learn about the latest topics and trends in the industry. Our team had a great time and we’re already looking ahead to the 2019 Annual Convention in St. Louis next summer!

Read this blog for a recap of Miles’ participation at the convention along with some additional resources you might find helpful including access to session recordings and presentation decks.

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The Unrivalled Quality of a DMO’s Audience

Official Destination Websites and Visitor Guides reach and engage with a highly engaged audience. Research shows these readers and online users are among the most qualified audience in the travel industry. They have a high likelihood of traveling to the destination and use these resources to make booking decisions. This audience is one of the most valuable assets of a DMO and of tremendous appeal to industry partners. Creating opportunities to reach this highly qualified audience is a win-win opportunity: generating revenue and additional content for the DMO, offering a high-quality advertising opportunity for the industry and creating engaged leads and new visitors and guests. 

Reoccurring and independent third-party research studies have highlighted the unrivalled quality of the audience offered by destination visitor guides,...

Director of Research and Online Marketing
Co-op Programs
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Gold Rushes & Exhibitions – The History of DMO Partnership Models

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) date back to the 19th century with the establishment of the Detroit Convention and Businessmen’s League in 1896 – an organization that later evolved into the Detroit Metro CVB.

The United States has been the pioneer and innovator in destination marketing, including creative private – public funding models and partnerships.  Early destination marketers were often larger than life personalities who used a savvy combination of evocative storytelling, boosterism and specific events to put their city, territory or state on the map. 


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The 6 Building Blocks of Successful Industry Participation Programs & Coops

Use these 6 insights to develop successful, future-focused programs

At US Travel’s ESTO Learning Labs this year, our team at Miles had the opportunity to present best practices and essential skills on “How Industry Co-Ops Can Empower Your DMO”. My colleagues, Chris Adams and Laura Libby, and I shared insights into planning, setting up and managing cooperative programs. Industry coop programs no only drive revenue, but enrich and expand marketing for your destination and build closer, more valuable connections with industry partners.

As we prepared for the presentation, we reviewed case studies, studied results and found that these six consistent ideas that are essential to the success of a coop program.

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Immersive Storytelling Experiences

This blog was co-developed with Ara Parikh, Product Marketing Manager at OmniVirt.

At the recent 2018 Destinations International Annual Convention, Miles had the opportunity to share an immersive storytelling experience with convention attendees in our Global All-Stars Immersion Lab. Joined by the team at OmniVirt, we displayed a combination of Miles projects and OmniVirt projects that showcased interactive and immersive experiences.

Storytelling is a great way to show the strengths of a destination- the people, the culture, the hidden gems and all the experiences one can have. Sharing content that will engage and inspire travelers not only promotes a destination, but influences the viewer’s decision throughout the Trip Planning Life Cycle.  At Miles, we curate...