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DIY Technology: AI-Powered Chatbots

Tools like Chatfuel let you create your own chatbot

This is the second of a series of posts focused on free tools that enable marketers to quickly and easily harness new technologies

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Another new major technology impacting today’s marketing landscape is Artificial Intelligence, or AI. This is one of the technologies that I think will have the greatest impact on marketing as we move into the future, and it’s already being widely adopted by major brands.

One of the most pervasive ways that brands are utilizing AI now is through chatbots. I’m sure you’ve experienced a chatbot — I use the one in my Bank of America app weekly (the chatbot’s name is, aptly, “Erica”), and I just unsubscribed from my NYT Crossword subscription via chatbot. It’s almost like talking to real...

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Farewell, Google Trips App

The death of the app is another step forward for Google’s ambitions in travel

In June, the Google Trips app was announced among the most recent internments in the Google Cemetery. The free-standing travel app product that was available for both iOS and Android devices had lived a relatively short life (born 2016), but it had evolved quite a bit in three years, and even garnered some speculation that it could grow into an all-in-one super app thanks to its easy integration of reservation management, itinerary building tool, activity and dining recommendations, and more. But, alas, it wasn’t meant to be.


Thanks to our...

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Chasing Powder: Air Travel with your Skis

Have you ever wanted to ski or snowboard in a location that required you to get on a plane, but then you didn’t know how to get your gear where you needed it? Or wondered if it was even worth the hassle?

As someone who’s traveled far and wide chasing powder, I’ve learned a thing or two about packing my gear (and not having my own) on several ski trips. Living in Denver, my boyfriend and I have driven to ski resorts in Colorado, Idaho and Utah, but have traveled by air to ski in Michigan, Montana, Wyoming, France and Japan.

If you’re anything above a casual skier, I would recommend bringing your own gear with you on your ski adventures, even though it is some extra...

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Shake, Shuffle and Roll, Memphis Edition: Day 3

The third and last post of a three-part road trip adventure

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To recap: Our game was simple. Draw a heart and we drive north, a diamond south, a club west and a spade east. The dice tell us how many miles to go and doubles would give us the option to double the miles. So a queen of hearts plus a pair of fours meant north, either 44 or 88 miles. We’d give ourselves one misdeal a day if we didn’t like the direction. Otherwise it was shake, shuffle, roll and go find something interesting.

Here’s where the cards and dice took us on day three…

Our Trail Merges with the Bourbon Trail


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A New Normal for DMO Website Organic Traffic

Our latest study of 36 DMOs highlights even greater challenges to DMO website traffic – and the importance of partnerships with major platforms like Google.

Learn more about the Google DMO Partnership Program

For the last 3+ years, Miles Partnership has been analyzing, blogging and speaking about the dramatic changes we are seeing to the organic traffic of destination and other tourism websites. Organic traffic makes up more than 50% of the website traffic on average for DMOs* but this critical and free source of traffic is under mounting pressure.