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Build Tourism Advocates Every Day

We know we are in for a long recovery. According to STR and Tourism Economics most recent forecast shows that by the end of 2021, average hotel occupancy will still only have returned to around 78% of what it was at the end of 20191. As many states conclude their fiscal year and adjust their priorities to accommodate funding decreases, the need to tell the story of tourism’s impact is just beginning.

With many tourism organizations funded primarily by taxes and fees, we know that future funding remains in peril. By all accounts, next year’s tax collections will be the same or lower than...

President & CEO

Company Statement on Recent Events

Silence can be construed as many things, and we do not want ours to be misconstrued: Black lives matter and we support the fight for racial justice.

We want our work to be intentional. We have been using the last two weeks to listen, to grieve, to feel rage, and to push ourselves to think about the larger issue of how racial inequity manifests within our company and throughout travel.

In response, we have been accelerating actions around how to build a more diverse, equitable and better company. We are also evaluating ways to better support the communities in which we live and work. As we solidify our plans, we are dedicated to sharing them publicly with our industry.

We maintain a belief that the power of travel has the potential to create a more equitable and just world. We commit to demonstrate this belief in our work.

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Moving Picture Magic - 2020 Edition - Part 1

Video Analysis of Top Performing Online Videos from DMOs

This blog is part of a series, "Moving Picture Magic - 2020 Edition" showcasing top performing online videos from DMOs around the world.

For the last five years, Miles has analyzed top performing online videos from destination marketing organizations (DMOs) around the world. The original blog series from 2018 identified ten DMO videos that demonstrated unique storytelling, powerful visuals and strong organic reach.

In late 2019 and early 2020, we reviewed the online video libraries (primarily on YouTube) from 180+ DMOs videos from around the world to bring another set of standout videos.  We have identified a top ten list as well as a wider gallery for more ideas and inspiration.  While...

5 Ways to Engage Parents and Kids Through Virtual Educational Content

With school districts across the U.S. closing in-person classes for the remainder of the academic year (and possibly beyond), parents are searching the internet for kid-friendly activities to keep their little ones occupied and entertained at home. More importantly, without regular school activity, parents are looking for options that are both fun and educational. DMOs can be an excellent resource for this in-demand content, whether it’s historical, artistic, cultural, scientific or all of the above. 

Here are a few examples of creative ways that DMOs can help out during this era of distance learning while also amplifying the efforts of their local partners and businesses.

1) Classes and Demonstrations

Give parents a break from homeschooling...

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Four Ways Destinations are Supporting Local Businesses During COVID-19

Think of your favorite spots in your destination. How many of those are local businesses? There’s no question that these unique shops, restaurants and hotels all have special places in our hearts, and COVID-19 has renewed local pride and underscored that we are in this together. The Longwoods International research from the first Clarity in a Time of Crisis webinar revealed that the top content of interest to travelers during this time revolved around ways to help our favorite local places survive. With uncertainty and travel on hold, here’s how DMOs are bringing it in to support the local businesses, communities and neighbors that color their destinations and make them hum.

1. Shining a Spotlight on Local Partners

To celebrate...