City Nation Place Americas


City Nation Place Americas is the forum for place branding and place marketing for nations, regions, states and cities across the USA and beyond. At a time when many destinations are being challenge to rethink their strategies, this provides a forum to identify new opportunities and learn from the experience of others. To learn more about the event, click here to visit their homepage.


Session Spotlight: Managing Your Place Brand Story Across Multiple Platforms

Presenter: Chris Adams, Head of Research and Insights, Miles Partnership

Today’s media landscape has never been more fragmented, complex or challenging for destinations managing their brand, message and story. Today it offers enormous opportunity to reach new customers and travelers in innovative ways. How do you the structure and resources in place to ensure a consistent presentation of your brand, imagery and voice across owned, earned and paid media platforms? Find out at this City Nation Place Americas session on Wednesday, June 6 from 4:05-4:45pm ET.

    • Learn from original research and an easy to use infographic summarizing media use by US consumers and travelers
    • Understand how to engage with the “Hyper Informed Traveler”
    • Hear how leading destinations are reshaping and evolving their brand and destination marketing in 2018 and beyond with an in-session panel


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